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Quality Assurance Consulting & Services 

provides end-to-end software quality assurance services to help you improve your time-to-market and deliver bug-free products and services with higher ROI and competitive advantage.

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Our Approach


TEST STRATEGY: As part of test strategy, we create a high level document which defines the approach for software testing. It is basically derived from BRD


TEST PLANNING: Done by deriving a test plan document from SRS and is prepared by the test lead / manager which includes all the details related to testing


TEST PROCEDURES: Written from test cases and consists of detailed sequence of steps that needs to be followed for executing a test scenario


TEST VALIDATION: Process of evaluating a software during or at the end of the development process to determine whether it satisfies all specified requirements

Our Services 

QA Processes Consulting & Workshops

  • Establishing methodological basis for QA processes

  • Setting up QA processes and teams

  • Defining QA tools/automation architecture

  • Conducting workshops tailored to your needs and requirements

Manual Testing

  • Gathering requirements

  • Creating test cases

  • Identifying possible issues from a deep holistic perspective

  • Expert feedback and actionable recommendations

Automated Testing 

  • Defining the scope of automation

  • Planning and development

  • Automated tests execution, saving time, costs, and effort on repetitive tests

Performance Testing

  • IT system assessment

  • Review of responsiveness, throughput, and scalability for web services and software solutions

  • Application and hardware performance testing

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Software development and software testing is experiencing rapid change as a result of digital transformation and your organization may be struggling to maintain core systems that meet the demands of operational efficiency, innovation and faster time to market. Our QA consultants and test engineers' partner with you to understand your test requirements and adapt your testing in line with the latest technologies and to suit your business needs.

We take full responsibility for your testing activities, adopting an agile approach and saving your busy teams time and effort; and we bring a comprehensive set of testing services and tools to get the results you need, increasing business efficiency and ensuring you keep up to date as technologies evolve and challenges emerge.

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