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Business Analytics Consulting & Services

A smart and systematic approach to measure your business metrics, build KPI dashboards, and insights discovery. 
With KPI reporting, you can quickly discover insight about your business, establish baselines for future performance, and take action on what needs to change next.

Our Approach

Business Meeting


Business Discovery 

  • Stakeholder expectations and dashboard objectives

  • Business context and constraints

  • Tools and technology choices

  • Internal and external data sources

  • Envisaging outputs/dashboard


Analytics Design

  • Exploratory data analysis

  • KPIs used in industry, best practices

  • Analyses and KPIs to address business problems

  • Stakeholder sign-off on KPIs

  • Refresh frequency decisions


Data Processing

  • Discover Business and application landscape

  • Map data sources to target database

  • Data cleansing and consistency checks

  • Data transformations and KPI construction

  • Load data into the target database



  • Mock-ups and wireframes

  • Revise with stakeholders & understand wishlist's

  • Build KPI and Metrics dashboard prototype

  • Ingest, Transform data and Conduct User Acceptance Testing

  • Release dashboard and schedule for updates

Businessman opening a paper_edited.jpg

Business Discovery

Understand the business processes and technical architecture of applications existing DWH, the investments made on technological stack and build the analytics platform 

Image by Launde Morel

Business Analyics

Not every business problem needs a data science or a machine learning model to deliver value, at least to start off. The first tranche of value is realized through a methodical investigation of data along dimensions of relevance to the decision context in hand.

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