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Data Engineering & Ingestions

You know your business, and we know data. The most valuable asset any company has is its data. We help clients turn that big, unruly pile of Customer Data into a strategic source of revenue. Our data engineers transform streaming customer data into actionable insights before your competition can even think about it.

Data Transformation = Competitive Advantage

Data is the engine of growth for any business. The most valuable asset any company has is its data. A massive amount of digital information is constantly bombarding us, from online advertisements, markets data and emails to social media posts and news. To stay competitive, we must leverage this data. DataWarehouse (DWH) is a technology and methodology that provides better insights into consumers behavior and trends. Our Data Intelligence and Analytics solutions provide an easy way to analyze data to improve decision making.

Since the inception of Nextgenlytics, we’ve been in the business of “cleaning data,” whether that is for a full suite of software applications, an enterprise analytics solution, or single custom application. Our Data Processing team can help you clean your data to a usable format for analysis, reports, insights, and business intelligence.

Data Migration Services

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The companies we speak with are almost always dealing with data from multiple sources, and frequently have existing sets of data that need to be migrated from legacy to digital platforms. This is not uncommon for SaaS products using custom (or even off-the-shelf) analytics or application, and a perfect example of this is within an organization that has acquired another company. Here, a need to integrate data from the acquired company's application into the company's own architecture becomes an immediate necessity following acquisition.

We assist you with migrating your data using best practices in data cleansing, data modelling, and master data management to make sure the information is correct and trustworthy. Our goal is to safeguard the integrity of the data by carefully planning the migration and doing regular checks at every stage, including the ETL processes, because we know from experience that data migration may be a challenging process.

Business Benefits

Volume Knob

Accurate data

Quick and reality-based data that makes it easy to take effective action.

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Customized Solution

Visualization of trends, relationships, including the possibility of creating your own solutions



Secure use of data for basic and advanced/predictive analytics.

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Data Integrations

Involves combining data residing in different sources and providing users with a unified view of them. 

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Data Governances

That apply to how data is gathered, stored, processed, and disposed of

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Process of verification of data during data migration or integrations or transformations.

Avionics Engineering

Connecting Data, Sources, & Insights

Building Data Pipelines

Analyzes & Organizes Data

Data Ingestions & Quality Checks 

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